Skills & Leadership

Mary Marsh

Welcome – This review of social sector skills & leadership was set up to examine the social sector’s most vital needs around attracting and developing a skilled workforce and leadership…   Read more

Dame Mary Marsh

Nick Hurd

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I asked Dame Mary to undertake this review of skills and leadership in the VCSE sector as I am aware that the daily challenges you face are complex and always changing… Read more

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society

Free Event

Panel discussion and Q&A chaired by Stephen Cook, Editor of Third Sector.

Join Dame Mary Marsh to discuss some of the practical solutions that organisations are developing to address skills and training gaps identified by the Review. It’s your chance to have your say and shape the future.

Other speakers include Keith Mogford chief executive of Skills- Third Sector which is currently developing, Jo Sullivan, Head of People Services, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Tim Lacey of Barnardo’s.

The event is free and will be a breakfast meeting on 17 June, 8.30-10 at the Brewery, Chiswell Street, London.

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Leadership is at the heart of success in the social sector. We are all leaders of our own work and achievements.  There is a great opportunity for all of us to achieve more for the causes that we believe in…

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Strengthen Governance

Led by David Cutler, Ralph Michell & Alex Swallow

Governance of organisations in the sector sits at the heart of our operations, leading the social sector in the interests of the beneficiaries that we seek to help and support. When an organisation is well governed the results can be extremely powerful and yet, many would argue that whilst the way social sector organisations are managed has seen a sea change over the past few decades, the way they are governed has not.

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Attract and Develop Leaders

Led by Pamela Ball & Cliff Prior

Leadership is at the heart of success in the social sector. We are all leaders of our own work and achievements. There is a great opportunity for all of us to achieve more for the causes that we believe in if we recognise the importance of developing our own leadership capability and by placing leadership at the centre of the discussion about the wider public benefits of our work.

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Routes Into and Through the Social Sector

Led by Keith Mogford & Rachel Whale

When talking about skills in the social sector it is perhaps inevitable that talent attraction and retention should be central concerns, as they are throughout the UK economy.  How to recruit the capable people with a mindset to learn, and how to develop and retain them, is a challenge in organisations of all types and sizes.  

Where will the next leaders of the social sector come from? What experiences will they have by way of development and how will that impact on their outlook and decisions?

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Digital Fluency

Led by Richard Tyrie

In the short space of 20 years, digital technology has affected virtually every aspect of life in the UK. 92% of UK adults now own a mobile phone, and 76% of households have broadband. The UK ranks 9th in the world for internet use, which has led to the wider environment in which the social sector operates – including their beneficiaries, donors, customers and stakeholders – to change rapidly as a result of technological innovation.

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Data-Informed Social Change

Led by Karl Wilding

The social sector is led by fantastic people with a passion for changing our world. But our own world is changing too: passion and gut instinct are no longer enough if we are to make the best use of limited resources, whilst the cultures and working practices of Generation Y – the digital natives – are often outcomes driven and sector agnostic. It’s what Lucy Bernholz has called ‘new skills for giving’. Data is the new fuel for social change.

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Enterprise Capability

Led by Stephen Hammersley, Steven Leach and Gareth Matthews

In a world where statutory grant funding is under threat; public donations are at best flat and at risk of serious decline; contracting income has grown and there has been rapid growth in the still relatively small field of “social finance” the ability of social sector organisations to be innovative and creative in the connection of value provision and sources of money is more important than ever.

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Collaboration in the Social Sector

Led by Andrew Barnett

Collaboration, within the sector and across sectors, offers great opportunity for us to work flexibly and deliver better outcomes for our beneficiaries. Inevitably, it will also become an increasingly central feature of our work if we are to continue to meet and enhance our objectives in an era of ever complex needs and scant resources.  There are many examples of great collaborations in the social sector and across sectors.

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